Wrinkle Eraser

Subcision surgery is a minimally invasive surgical procedure to help eliminate skin surface imperfections. The principle surgical method has been revived by the introduction of new instruments such as the SurgiWire® that help facilitate the procedure.

What is SurgiWire®?

SurgiWire® is a minimally invasive treatment for patients who seek skin rejuvenation of deep lines and scars without significant downtime. This is also desirable for patients who are not candidates for fillers alone due to the depth of their wrinkles and scars.

SurgiWire® releases deep skin defects, such as:

Forehead and area between the brows
Nasolabial folds
Acne scars
Upper and lower radial lip lines

SurgiWire® can be used alone or in combination with Autologous Fat or synthetic fillers such as Restylane.

How is SurgiWire® performed?

SurgiWire® incisionless dissector quickly releases deep lines and scars by separating connections to underlying tissues.

SurgiWire® is a non-surgical outpatient procedure performed in our facility. Dr. Abuzeni first marks the areas to be treated and applies a local anesthetic. Once the skin is marked and numb, two needles connected by a thin steel wire are inserted under the skin. A back and forth motion is used to separate the underlying tissues releasing deep lines, dimples and scars.

This procedure takes approximately 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on the areas to be treated.

What to expect during the recovery process.

Minor discomfort, bruising and swelling, all of which are normal. You may return to light activities 1-3 days after procedure.

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